Orpington Poultry House

The Orpington format of a walk-in house and run, and removable nest boxes with night shutters gives the house a versatility all its own. The features enable the house to be used as a static hen pen for the purpose of producing eggs in the garden. The birds are well sheltered from rain, wind and sun. The area under the house has its own door to allow you to check feed and water without going into the run. When cleaning, the birds are shut out of the house, then the nest box is removed and the door on the opposite side of the house is opened. This opens the hen house right through. The area beneath the removable perching is inaccessible to the hens, so night droppings lie, uncompacted, on a previously placed paper sack which is simply removed and replaced when necessary.

There are also several accessory options available for the Orpington. An extension run will double the run area available to your hens. A second nest box, added opposite the existing nest box, will increase your coop's capacity to 12 hens. Either the full side draught boards or the smaller draught skirting boards will help keep your coop warm during the cold winter months.


Orpington 1006: $2998.00 SOLD OUT
Extra Nest Box: $620.00 SOLD OUT
Full Side Draught Boards: $323.00 SOLD OUT
Draught Skirting Boards: $150.00 SOLD OUT
Orpington Extension Run: $1096.00 SOLD OUT
Delivery (within 50 miles): $50.00
Shipping (further than 50 miles): Contact for price

* Some assembly required on all products.