Lenham Poultry Range

The Lenham Range has removable nest boxes and side walls, removable perching, full length ridge ventilation, nest box night shutters, and carrying handles. The externally accessible nest box bank and the wall opposite lift away from the house, opening the house right through for maximum access. The removable perching is in two banks on either side of the central door and is angled to rise away from the door. This encourages the early roosting birds to occupy the highest perches, thus easing congestion at roosting time and providing a perch for even the birds lowest in the pecking order. The hens cannot get under the perching, so are barred access to accumulated night droppings. The walled corridor between the perches may be removed for cleaning, and since it is the only part of the ark floor the birds can walk on before mounting a perch, it takes the brunt of any soiling. Once the corridor is removed, the task of scraping dried, compacted droppings becomes much easier. Night shutters prevent the birds from occupying the nest boxes at night, keeping fouling to a minimum.

There are three models available. The 505 is the largest and will accommodate up to 24 hens. The 504 (pictured above) is smaller and is suitable for up to 12 hens. The 503 is smallest and will hold 6 hens.

Also available as an option are Lenham Ramps. These ramps allow the hens easy access into the coop.


Lenham 503: $1323.00 SOLD OUT
Lenham 504: $1551.00 $725.00
Lenham 505: $1860.00 $850.00
Lenham 703 Duck House: $987.00 SOLD OUT
Lenham L504 Acclimatizing Wall: $137.00 SOLD OUT
Lenham L505 Acclimatizing Wall: $149.00 SOLD OUT
Delivery (within 50 miles): $50.00
Shipping (further than 50 miles): Contact for price

* Some assembly required on all products.