Boughton 902A

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Product Description

The 902A provides housing for three to four laying hens, an ideal first time keeper unit. You can increase the capacity of either Boughton range by three additional hens by adding the optional extension run. By putting the house above the run, more efficient use of the area is provided for the number of birds housed. The Boughtons cover less ground space than housing of more traditional format, and have the advantage of a covered run, which gives both the hens and the costly feed a degree of weather protection. This layout also satisfies the birds' natural instinct to go up at night to roost.

All the ranges have full length side doors, access to the runs at both ends, removable perching and a hinged ladder which may be drawn up to secure the birds at night. The nesting box is located at the end of the ark and has its own external egg collecting door. To stop undesirable night occupation of the nests we have incorporated a night shutter, which keeps nest fouling to a minimum and cuts down on egg cleaning time. All Boughton ranges have stout carrying handles, and, with the wheels attached, the 902A can be easily moved by one person.

Since the 902A is designed to be moved frequently, the only clean-up necessary is in the roosting area. Your birds will scratch, aerate and fertilize your lawn as you move them around your yard in their attractive home, while remaining protected from dogs, cats and other neighborhood dangers.

Boughton 904

The design of the 904 is similar to the 902A, but has nesting boxes at both ends and two ladders to ease congestion at roosting time. The optional Divider Kit separates the 904 into 2 equal-sized enclosed units. The 904 is almost double the size of the 902A and houses 8 to 10 birds. This range will need 2 people to be moved.


Boughton 902A: $1029.00 $514.50
Boughton 904: $1515.00 SOLD OUT
Wheels: $329.00 $150.00
Extension Run: $505.00 SOLD OUT
904 Divider Kit: $119.00 SOLD OUT
Wall-Mounted Feed Box: $154.00 FREE w/ Coop
Wall-Mounted Grit Box: $98.00 FREE w/ Coop
Automatic Waterer: $70.00 $30
Draught Board (902A): $75.00 FREE w/ Coop
Draught Board (904): $110.00 SOLD OUT
Delivery (within 50 miles): $50.00
Shipping (further than 50 miles): Contact for price

* Some assembly required on all products.