"The chicken coop went up without a hitch!! In fact (and my brother-in-law who's a great carpenter agrees) - It is one of the finest made products I've ever purchased!! Everything is so well thought out!! And the "chicks" love it.

The delivery people were very professional, courteous and helpful!! The whole project has been a success!! I wish you, your family and your business the very best during this holiday season and in 2005.

Take Care... And Thanks Again!!"

John N. - W. Virginia

"I got the coops up and they are absolutely gorgeous. Not only do they look beautiful, but they take up far less space than I thought they would. They are easy to clean, easy to move, and can hold the amount of birds we have! I'll take some pictures to send to you so you can see how happy our birds are. The extension runs are especially nice with our coops because, on nice days, I can let the birds out to roam a little, and when we aren't using them outside our small animal teacher can use them in her room to let the ferrets run around! Thank you so much for your help Take care!

I am attaching some pictures for you of our birds and coops, and a few of my students "working" with them!"

Jackie - Delaware

"...our Orpington Poultry House was sooo easy to put together! My husband and two boys got the whole thing together in two evenings. We put a sand base with concrete pavers on top and then shavings. The hens are happy...I've gotten lots of compliments on the new hen house! Thank you.

Cheryl -- Texas"