Backyard Farming is retiring! Thanks for all the wonderful years together. Everything left is at least half off.

We sell beautiful, well-built products that will be an attractive, functional part of your yard or garden for years to come. We have sold coops all over the country, and our customers (and their chickens!) have loved the designs and quality construction of their coops and henhouses. Take a look at the comment page and see what they say about the Forsham products and Backyard Farming.

It's been great to get to know fellow poultry lovers from so many different places. Thank you all for your business and for your great e-mails - I've enjoyed our interactions and feel that many of you are friends. I look forward to meeting more of you this coming year!

Moveable and stationary chicken coops suitable for all locations including small, suburban backyards. Learn more about backyard chicken farming: farm chickens in your own back yard. If you want to collect your own eggs and have a nice looking coop in your backyard then this is the place to learn all about it.